The age of information has created a continuous feed that drives public opinion on the issues of the day. Favourable or not, multiple points of view all have their legitimacy. Organizations have the responsibility to contribute to the exchange of evidence-based ideas.

Clearly communicating the challenges, listening to the stakeholders, identifying the obstacles to overcome, negotiating consensus, building on solid ground and transparently: this is the promise and the commitment of public relations the way it should be practiced today.

Governance and social acceptability

How can you participate effectively in discussion of your venture? How do you manage your public relations?

Sustainable development

How do you develop today without compromising the future? How can you manage this issue in your public relations practice?

Crisis management

How do you prepare for the unexpected? Is your organization ready to react when trouble calls? What do you do when a crisis hits?

Branding and positioning

How are you unique? How do you credibly delineate your identity? Your public image?


The team

Liliane Besner

Liliane Besner, professionnelle en communication et en information  Liliane Besner in LinkedIn Liliane Besner in Facebook compte Twitter de Liliane Besner
“To me, learning is key: learning by listening, decoding, analyzing, questioning and verifying before taking aim; learning by giving the client certainty that I understand his or her objectives and that I can provide an effective strategy to reach those goals.”

Liliane Besner was a journalist at a number of national media outlets in her first career. She is an information consultant and has been involved in public relations since 2003. She has an innate sense of the stakes and understanding prevailing public opinion. A high caliber writer, persuasive and passionate, she is an expert in the development of a solid and compelling argument.

Awards of Excellence
Liliane Besner is a past winner of the René-Lévesque journalism award given by “L’Association des journalistes independants du Quebec” (AJIQ). She was also part of the team that won a Gemini Research Award for a special assignment at Radio Canada about the history of science and technology in Canada.

Guy Versailles, ARP

Guy Versailles, ARP  Guy Versailles ARP in LinkedIn Guy Versailles ARP articles (in French)
“I have had the privilege of enjoying a rich and diverse professional career and working with people who were extraordinarily competent and who stood tall in demanding circumstances. Through that experience, I have come to understand what it is to be a professional and have learned to get to the heart of the matter in order to respond quickly and efficiently. I am very passionate about my mandates.”

Guy Versailles has more than 30 years experience in communications and public relations, acquired while serving a significant number of Quebec cabinet ministers and as a manager at Hydro-Québec and at the Fonds de Solidarité (FTQ). He also has noteworthy experience in strategic planning and communications management, public relations and crisis management. He specializes in handling particularly difficult mandates. Known for his ability to move fast.

Award of Excellence
Guy Versailles, ARP, is the winner of the Yves-St-Amand Excellence Award awarded by the Société Québecoise des Professionels en Relations Publiques (SQRP). This prize is awarded once a year to a PR professional, acknowledging and recognizing the highest level of practice, while taking into account ethics and contribution to the advancement of the profession.

Products and services

Content development

To be efficient, communication must be clear, transparent and accessible.

  • Strategic Plans
  • Papers and reports
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Development plans
  • Specialized magazines articles
  • Position papers

Public Relations Initiatives

To be profitable, communications must be targeted.

  • Introduction of major organizational change
  • Strategies and communication plans
  • Public consultations
  • Press releases, speeches, informational materials
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations (content and graphic design)
  • Spokesperson training

Social Media (Web 2.0)

To be effective, communications has to be structured to get results efficiently.

  • Web strategies
  • Web properties management
  • Web communities management
  • Social Network presence management
  • WordPress sites/blogs development
  • Web content
  • Web optimization